After uni PLAN!! Film School

So university is in its final week as for work submissions for me, I’m feeling pretty confident with everything and have realized I’m still able to follow my plans if I don’t achieve a 1st. There’s a number of paths which I’m open to take, however they will all lead to the same out come, me going to Film School to study MA in cinematography. From my research with professionals and looking at professions portfolio I realized they all had one thing in common, they basically all been to film school and have training in all high end production cameras.  So the plan is to either get a job and work on my portfolio for 6months to save up for traveling. Or to find an internship for job in the media industry to gain experience and also work on my portfolio while saving to go traveling. A few of the internships I’ve been looking in to have been for 6 months and all aboard. This would be ideal for experience on my resume and portfolio. This is the path I want to go down, how ever with the demand for people wanting jobs out of uni I may struggle to get a good job/internship in media. Once I’ve saved enough money up the plans to go traveling for the other 2-6 months in the year.
After traveling I should finish off in LA, the plan from here is to either try get a job or some kind of placement for a couple months for some experience. Depending how that works out for timing of the film school course starting I’ll try get an internship in America as It would look great on my resume along side, going uni in Spain, internship in Germany. Highlighting that I’m a person will to travel far for projects, showing how I’m filling to step out my comfort zone to become the DOP I want to be.


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