Final overall budget report

I posted a few months a go a budget report of what this project would cost. However in the report I was adding up the camera equipment. For this module I’ve been able to rent all camera equipment for free from the university. This cutting my budgets by loads meaning the only things I have to worry about are getting In to the events and Petrol to and from events too. Since September I have been to Silverstone twice, Snetterton twice, Anglesy Circuit and Shakepseare speed way with the Total cost of all the entry for these events for my self and crew need for the shoot coming to a total of £170 total With a rough estimate of £140 for fuel and another £80 for food while out on location. I also had to invest in a peace of software known as klynt in order to be able to produce the interactive part of my film. Luckily I was able to purchase a student addition saving me over £1250.00.  I also had to invest in my own website domain name to be able to upload my interactive film online. Doing this also meant I had to host a site. With the film im producing being such a big film I’m going to have host a site with over 3G upload as my overall film is around 3.5G. This pushing the budget cost up more. The overall budget I’ve calculated for this project has come up to £250.99. For this project I’ve had no funding as its all been payed for by my self. With the over all total coming up too £470.99 over the course of 8months its not a very large figure at all.


Silverstone – 24h x2 £20 x1 £15 – japfest x2 £20 =  95£

Snetterton – classic £15 – vw £15 = £30

Anglesy  25h  _ x2 £15      =£30

Shakepseare speed way £15    =£15

Fuel £140

Food £80

Klynt £50 99p    host £30


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