Colour grading

I’ve been experimenting a lot with colour grading this last week and I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. I’ve recently been experimenting with the hue and striations colour wheel where one is able to pull and push out individual colours in the shot. I’ve been using this to my advantage by push out the colours of the cars I want the viewer to focus on and pull out the colours off all the other cars in shot.

If there’s a dominant colour in the shot such as the the red and white striped  curbs I’ll bring out those colours to give off more intensity to the shots as it’ll bring more excitement to the shot.  Too much luck during this module all the cars I’ve had the opportunity to film with have all been bright strong colours meaning this technique off editing works perfect for what I want to achieve.


BEFORE Sequence 10.00_18_18_00.Still001.jpg

AFTERIMG_7408.PNGWith the orange car In the foreground of this shot being so bright the viewers attention is drawn start to the orange car, where in this shot Colin is talking about his blue Ford Escort. To make the viewers attention lock on to his car I’ve push all the orange out the picture and pumped more blue in to it making Colins car stand out and look more dominant.  I feel this technique works very well for what I’m trying to portray. This style has also been used in films such as Rush and Mad Max where they bring out certain colours to bring focus and vibrance to the shot.


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