Re-shoot with Perry – Slipwheel

This weekend I had been filming at japfest with Perry from Slipwheel. Unfortunately the audio i captured over the weekend wasn’t up to my standards so the interview wasnt useable. Too me luck Perry is based in coventry which is where I’m currently based. So today i went over to Perrys home to interview him again. When i to the location it just started to rain and my first thought was that the rain was going to be picked up by the audio, but luckily none of it was. However during one bit of the Interview the mic picked up thunder, luckily this was on the last question. Apart from that everything went to as planed. Collecting the SF700 tomorrow morning for this weekends shoot with Felspeed Drag Racing at Santa Pod Race way Sequence 05.00_08_08_18.Still001.jpg13106718_10154733527900130_1289794716_o.jpgIMG_7433.JPG


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