Japfest – Drifting colour grade styles

Sequence 07.02_28_10_17.Still004.jpgIn November I had a test shoot at Anglesesy  where i was filming some cars drifting. It was at this test shoot while filming the cars drifting that inspired me to have drift cars in my film as they look beautiful on camera when captured correctly. However when i was at the test shoot there was only one car drifting so there wasn’t much smoke on the track at times. At japfest they would have up to 10 cars at a time constantly drifting. As you can see in some of my test footage theres so much smoke you sometimes cant see the car till the last minute. This can ruin some shots, but can also pay in your favour as you could capture a car drifting as it comes out a cloud of smoke.

In this little edit there are several different colour grading styles i have been experimenting with.  I want to make sure all shots look cinematic as possible and with minimal shake to give it a smooth slick finish. Some of the colour grading styles I’ve created where inspired by the film Rush where they give the image a cross look between old film and modern digital. I’ve tried to make more dominant colours stand out which are all on the cars, bringing all the viewers attention to the car on shot. This works very well with a lot of drift cars as its fissionable  to have brightly coloured cars or wheels, meaning this style of colour grading will work perfect for what I’m trying to portray. atmosphere-rush-04.jpgSequence 04.00_00_05_11.Still001.jpg1976-Ferrari-312-T2-Rush-Movie-2013.jpgSequence 07.02_30_06_12.Still002.jpg


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