Proletic Records Visuals

Proclectic Cover Photo.jpgProletic records approached me after seeing the video work I’ve done with Rawdio, Wrek records, riggamortiz and micro dots. They original asked me to Video DJ for there night on the 18th march however they havent been able to get the video DJing equipment. So instead what I’ll be doing for them is creating footage for them to stream as visual through out the night. For this visuals I have manipulated 1920 horror films and loops of 3D reality overlays.

They’ve also asked me if I would like to be DOP and editor for one of there music videos they’re shooting over the summer. This would be an ideal opportunity for me to add something to my showreel as a DOP for a project. With Prolectic records being a record label and art collective the music video should be a prime opportunity for me to use the skills I’ve learnt in lighting with Riggamortiz in this. As a lot of their past content has been very dark, minimal and experimental it’ll give me a prime opportunity to create some work completely different to what I have been doing. Showing I’m capable of producing all kinds of video.


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