Research summary

My idea originally started off as doing a documentary on 1 single motorsports team and following their build up to the 2016 race season. From test shoots with KPM I have made more contacts in the racing community. Over the last couple months my contacts in the motorsport community has been booming giving me more motivation in involve different types of motorsports, widening my niche audience from certain motorsport fans to all. My idea has progressed from doing 1 documentary on 1 race team, to a documentary series consisting of over 6 different teams to now an interactive website consisting of so far 3 teams, In the middle of contacting more teams to see if they would want to be apart of this project. While I was research about my first original idea for my FMP (KPM) I came to realize that even in the high pro levels of racing, there where race drivers paying teams to drive their cars in championships. This was a shock to me as I had thought that at a high level of racing, the teams would be paying the drivers, but its quite the opposite specially with the finically difficulty these days. This lead me to research more about pay drivers and got me to look at the glamorous part of motorsports and whether its becoming a business where moneys over talents. Il also be looking in to what drives their passion for there sports and whether pay drivers are ruining the sport for actually professional drivers. I didn’t want to create ‘another’ motorsports documentary that follows a teams build up to a race, as anyone’s capable of doing that and I know I’m capable of 10 times better than that. I hope my story of drivers paying their way to the top is a good enough twist.
I’ve been researching ways for me to showcase my work, I was original thinking of producing a series of videos until I came across Transmedia story telling. This is still fairly new to the world of story telling, so I thought it be a great way to tell the story I want to tell. The great thing about Transmedia is that it’s a good way to tell a story over different media platforms, which works out perfect for me as I’m looking at having virtual reality videos alongside with short documentaries explaining bits about teams and drivers.
I’m always interesting too see how much technology is progressing, and being a film maker you need to make sure you’re on top of the ball 24/7. In the last couple years 360 degree videos have started to become pretty popular and with them being new there still a lot to be done with them as we’re only at the begging stages of it. I want to explore 360 video in documentary to help give viewers a real insight for what the location of where the video is set real is like, rather than beautiful framed 4K shots, which with the right DOP can make anything look beautiful. If there’s one thing the public love, its some thing new. At the moment there’s a few 360 videos going around and people are going mad for it, because its new and different. Every thing iv watched so far though 360 cameras has all been beautiful scenery or something crazy, I hope to bring a narrative to 360 videos giving the viewer more than something beautiful to watch, but also a gripping story. So far I’ve only really tested the camera for photos and long exposure rather than film, but I have shoots planed coming up in the next week where I’ll be experimenting with the 360 camera more, to see if I can achieve a 360 video with a narrative. I looking in to creating a whole short film using 360 video as a future project.


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