FMP idea?

I’m starting to rethink my idea for my FMP. instead of doing one big documentary on one race team (KPM), I’m thinking of doing a mini collection of motorsports documentary which will be along side a  (360) virtual realiity videos as well.

from the test shoot in Anglesey has led me to more contacts in the motorsport industry with race driver Thomas Onslow-cole who’s sponsored  by Rock Star and Cassio Watches who seems very up for filming in the future. He said he may be able to get us some more teams to film as of next year which is great news. I’m using the test shoot from anglesey as a teaser trailer to show other race teams what I’m capable of producing to help me to get other motorsport teams. 

Mino documentary series – couple possible ideas?

Drag Racing ?
Local drag team near me, Felspeed Drag racing.  Get in touch with them about my idea

A pupil on my course, her boy friend is apart of slip wheel which is a drift team.  She’s going to get in touch with them for me to see if they want to be apart of my film series.

Coventry Speedway?
Get in touch with coventry speed way and see if they would be interested in being apart of my motor sports documentary series? 

I have a few friends who spend there whole weekend traveling up and down the country and entering 

Arden F3?
Arden are a formula 3 team.   get in touch with them!!!!!
(mates step dad runs it  –  another mates mum is head account)   <<speak to my friends parents) 


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