Power /Control in racing

Racing is a sport where the driver needs to have as much power and control as possible to perform to his full potential. In racing you would think the driver has all the power over what happens in the race as they’re the one racing, but its far from that. To a race team the person driving the car is only a driver who they’ve chosen to hire. The team Manger has control over what happens to the car during the race, instructing the driver how they should be driving and when to come in to pit etc. There’s been lots of controversy over the years in the top series of the sport F1, with team managers not telling drivers to over take or to give way to other drivers. Many people are saying that F1 is becoming more political and less about the driving. Sabastian Vettle talks about in a recent interview how he feels the political standoff between the powerhouses in Formula 1 means the fans are the biggest loser and the races are becoming less competitive with the high end engine mercedes are running, making it an uneven race with a lack of overtaking as seen at the Brazilian Gran Prix last weekend

Formula 1 politics are as flawed as real politic, at the moments it’s a championship where the richest team has the fastest car. This years controversy is with Mercedes with them having the post powerfull engines giving them half a second quickers than everyone else, with adding up over a seires on 60 laps, with them finishing a number of times up to 20-30 seconds ahead of the race.
This isn’t the first time one F1 team has had a much fast car than all the other team. The 1994 Formula 1 season is one of the most memorable season ever, main due to the loss of Roland Ratzenberger and the great Aytron Senna but its also know for the cheating  controversy. There’s was a series of allegation made throughout the 1994 formula one season, several F1 teams were involved, with the main allegations surrounding Benetton Formaula. Initially Benetton were alleged to have been using illegal software, (traction-controll) to their advantage in races. The ban was designed to stop domination over the richest formula 1 team as only the rich teams where able to afford this technology making it a unfair playing field. How ever this could not be sufficiently proven by the FIA. Following investigations, the FIA revealed Benetton had been using illegal fuel valve without a fuel filter allow 12.5% extra fuel in to the car, making a huge difference on the track.

The average cost to start up a formula one team is €120million, how ever over half the formula 1 teams this year spent over €400million as their budget, and that is excluding cost of the drivers which cost from  €1 –  €10million+.  As you can see from these figures it’s a very rich mans game with figures like these. With many F1 team struggling to stay in for more than a couple season. Lotus this year where very close to becoming bankrupt a couple times this year with both their cars being seized at this year race in Belgium, Spa.







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