Test shoot with KPM – Anglesey Circuit


To commemorate the 101st anniversary of the first world was Anglesey Circuit hold a 1000Km race with 45 teams in honour of remembrance with war veterans in some of the cars.
With it being Race of Remembrance this weekend and KPM will be attending this event to fight of last years victory of 1st place.
The weather this weekend is meant to be down poor, so I’m going to try and use this to my advantage and hire out two Song Fs700 as these cameras are knows for there slow motion capability and this could look amazing with the back spray from all of the cars.
This is a prime opportunity for me to go film to get some test shots to see what kinda cameras and lens work well for filming race cars. 

For this shoot i will be taking a wide range of cameras to give me a better insight to what i should be using for my film.

Camera / kit list –
Go Pro Hero4 Black
Canon 600D   /   6D
x2 Sony Fs700
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
Lenes – 11mm-16mm       35mm       50mm       24mm -105mm      100M     100mm-400m
Glide cam
x2 tri pods
47’ slider
x3 Led lighting



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